So I thought I’d do something different and show you all some things I’ve been loving, especially in the month of January. I know its late, but better late than never! Anyone who knows me, knows that I’m all for trying new things, definitely that individual to try something new on the menu rather than stick to what I know.  I’m a skincare junkie, a foodie, a lover of literature, a film and documentary fanatic and sucker for makeup channels on YouTube…so I’ll amalgamate that list plus more when telling you my favourites. Anyway I’ve decided to structure it a little, so let me stop waffling and get straight into it.


Hidden Figures

This film is truly inspirational. Firstly, my girl Taraji P. Henson holds it down with the acting in this one!  In a nutshell, It’s a story of black female excellence as it highlights an important untold story. It shows the willpower of three black women , with a focus on Katherine Johnson. A black woman who’s intelligence was crucial in one of America’s greatest historical moments, all whilst facing the racial perils of being a black woman. It’s an Oscar nominated must-watch.


The Catcher In The Rye by J.D. Salinger 

So my goal this year is to read 3 books a month, making that 36 a year which is just wow for me! This fiction book although written in 1951, is a classic and straightforward story of male teenage angst and rebellion. Simple narrative, full of wit and an easy read.

 A Book of Prayers for Young Women by Stormie and Page Omartian

This was a gift from my mum in 2nd year and I’ve just got around to opening it in final year, what a shambles. Anyway, it’s a pocket sized book filled with really powerful short prayers for young women. There are 154 prayers covering any and every topic you can think of. Great for young Christians who struggle with prayer.


Pukka Sweet Vanilla Green Tea

I’m a self-confessed TEA – A – HOLIC. I just love a quality cuppa. Early Grey and Green tea being my favourites. This find seemed like a snazzy version of my trusty green tea, so I thought why not? And wow, this was a sensory experience. The smell to the taste is just divine, its on the pricier side so definitely buy when on special offer.


L’Oreal Pure Clay Detox Mask

I hate to say this, but this was a Kylie Jenner recommendation. She posted this product as one of her winter skin care picks, and after a little bit of research into the product I was sold. I bought it in Superdrug for £6 on offer and I do not regret it. It smells so good and my skin feels super soft after I’ve washed it off. I wouldn’t say it was my favorite face mask ever, but for £6 it does a pretty good job.


L’Oreal True Match Foundation

I went home for the Christmas Holidays and of-course I had to forget something back at uni, and on this occasion it just had to be my foundation. I needed a quick-fix, and stumbled on this foundation for £9.99 in Superdrug. It’s a YouTube drugstore favourite and I can see why. It’s super lightweight and buildable, only downfall is that it can get oily throughout the day. But for the price and for casual day-to-day wear, I really cant complain.


Lawrence Flowers & Intercession – More


Mellow worship vibes. The lyrics, the composition, just a beautiful song really.

Kojo Funds – Dun Talkin’ (Remix)


Kojo Funds is on a bit of a winning streak with the tracks that he either makes or features in. Another banger!

 Jamilah Barry x Midnight Phunk – HIM&HER


For my SoundCloud crew, a very vibe-ly tune!


Here are some visuals to the favourites mentioned:

Hopefully I can be the plug to something on this list, to be honest there was so much more but we’d be here forever. I really enjoyed compiling this, so I’ll definitely be back with another monthly favourites for you all!


Peda xo


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