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Quick mid-week motivational ramble to ask you, ‘What are you waiting for?’… Like what are you actually waiting for? In life we spend a lot of time aimlessly waiting for big signs and wonders to give us a reason to take action on thoughts, feelings and dreams. I for one can be quite an impatient person; slow readers, walkers, talkers, thinkers annoy me (unless it’s a disability, I get very irritated with the above – It’s bad I know but I’m working on it okay!) Despite being ‘so impatient’, I still find that I spend a lot of my time pointlessly waiting for things to happen. So I asked myself “for why is this?” and I decided to look closer to home.

I was so hesitant to start this blog for a couple of reasons, one being the fear of failure – I’ll have to write on this someday, but in summary, I hate losing and didn’t want this to be a flop. Another reason was the fear of the other – I was concerned about negativity and the general hate you get from those people who are otherwise known as enemies of success. I didn’t want people to think that I felt I was a know-it-all because I’m imperfect like the majority of people in this world and if anything as I write to you, I write to myself also. As you can probably tell, it was a bunch of excuses that all came down to one thing, fear.

In my case, I was fearful of imagined threats. I’d built up an image of pure negativity and had basically convinced myself of the reaction I’d get before even letting any content out or sharing the idea with anyone but my mum. Don’t let fear control you, just do it. Take the plunge because you don’t know what life has in store for you. If it’s not a life or death situation then it’s never that deep. Just think what is the worst that can happen from you doing something you’ve always wanted to? When you realise that no matter what you do you’ll have people hating on you, you stop caring and start doing.

Remember: ‘If you’re tired of starting over, stop giving up’ – Shia La Beouf


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