I’m not sure if the key to success here is being humble or using wisdom…either way the point is stop talking and let the fruits of your labour do the talking for you.

Let me give you a little anecdote my mum used to tell me (see Mum I do listen!!):

When you’re baking a one-of-a-kind/original/inventive cake, at what point do you show people the cake? And at what point do you tell people the recipe?

Let’s imagine you’ve been telling others the cake is on its way, you’ve even gone as far to call it a ‘shut-down’ and you’ve told people not to @ you when this cake is made. The cake has been in the oven for a mere 10 minutes, but you’ve gassed it up so much that people want to see it (and deep down you want to show them), so you continue to open the oven to show its advancement. The golden-rule of cake baking is never to open the oven in the first 3 quarters of the baking process. You see if you are baking a cake and continually open the oven to show its progress, you stunt the process of the cake rising. After all your hype, is it not pretty embarrassing moreover a shame to see that the end product is substandard or non-existent? Isn’t it better to wait till the cake is made before showing and telling people that this is the greatest cake ever to be made? The moral of the story is – it is better to show off the final product and share the tried and tested process when you’ve gained credibility.

As a young person, there’s a lot of pressure to do the most. And quite frankly, I think it’s a good thing. Why not aim to be the best? But one thing as a generation we must understand is that stunting about your Twitter followers, retweets, your latest camel coat or any other materialistic thing is not ‘doing the most’. In fact, it’s doing just the opposite because you’re priding yourself in things that only matter at a certain stage of life (usually in the little university bubble that many people live in).

If an employer asks “What set’s you apart from the other candidates?”,  you cannot respond with “My twitter follower to following ratio is kinda mad still” and hope they respond with “Hmm, this definitely shows you strive to be the best amongst your peers”. With an example like that, you might as well start the interview with “Aight boom.”

The point is take pride in what matters, long term. Being happy, your relationship with God, your education (not just the book-smart kind), your steps in your career path and any positive impact you make to our lost society. Note I said take pride in, not be proud. Galatians 6 verse 3 says ‘If anyone thinks they are something when they are not, they deceive themselves’. Humility is the way forward.

Celebrate the successes as and when they occur, I celebrate with you, but just remember nobody became successful by talking about it. Success comes with a dream and decisive action.

Remember:You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.’ – Zig Ziglar


  1. Hi Peda, you are speaking words of wisdom not only to your generation but to an entire generation. I love your diplomatic approach, your creative analogies and your desire to furnish people with the correct approaches. Continue to be mindful and caring of others, continue to share that which has been given to you, a calm approach, wisdom, great insight and most of all LOVE! This Gifting will make room for you! Well done!


  2. Wow! This is awesome, I love this. Great job Peda!! I like the cake analogy. Similarly, the education piece but “not just the book smart kind”. So many people are book smart but the common sense/initiative aspect is missing. You are brilliant, bold and direct. May God continue to impart His secret wisdom to you Sweetie.


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